Favourites #1

I had this idea yesterday, and I don’t know, so I’m trying it out. I’m thinking, every two months, I’ll post an update on my favourite of… well, as much as I want to reveal.

Blog: Short Wisdom

Short Wisdom, created by Elena, is a blog from WordPress that posts basically daily quotes on a wide variety of topics, like faith, love, inspiration, inspiration, and many others. I found this blog out back in late April, and I’ve been seeing the quotes ever since. Many of the quotes have cheered me up, inspired me, affected me positively. I’m very grateful that I found out this blog.

Quote: “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long.” -Natsu Dragneel

So. Oh, I really don’t want to do this. You know Michigun? On Geometry Dash, a creator named Zoroa published a level named “A Memorable Note”, and on the end screen, was the quote. To me, its meaning is to keep on going, even if the path that lies ahead is painful, murderous or torturous. To keep on going for the sake of the reason you started doing it in the first place.

Song: Shelter by Porter Robinson & Madeon

There isn’t a reason I wouldn’t like this song. I got to know this song through A Memorable Note, and in the level, it was the piano version. I listened to it for a long time, and I ventured deeper. I wanted to know what the original was like. At first, I thought, “it’s not so good”, but later, as I listened to it more and more, I liked it much more, and there won’t be a day I will dislike this song. It conveys a message, that no matter how lonely we are in this world, we have to keep going ahead in life.

Minecraft Feature: Standard Galactic

So, Standard Galactic. I know how to write in Standard Galactic, since I learnt about a week ago, from the help of one of my school friends. At first, it seems impossible to learn, but as you practise more and more, it just… becomes a part of you.

Book series: Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend

Nevermoor is a very creative, very anchoring fantasy story, where a “cursed child”, Morrigan Crow, goes through a number of trials to escape her planned death on Eventide. I don’t want to reveal much, because that’s just spoilers. 😦

YouTubers: ThirtyVirus, fnm04, JianHao Tan, Wisp, ZHC and MythrodakTV

So. This is a big line of them. ThirtyVirus is great because, even though people hate him for his ideas to change Hypixel Skyblock, he has good tips for skyblock. fnm04 is great because he makes good Geometry Dash content, yBotting impossible levels. JianHao Tan is absolutely great because he makes good content. Wips (please don’t kill me I know it’s Wisp) is very cool because of his content in Minecraft, ZHC is cool because of his amazing art, and, above them all, MythrodakTV is the best because of his prison escapes from the Pandora’s Box, Titan’s Vault v2, Glacier’s Orb, Ares Vault, Hades Vault and Poseidon’s Vault. He’s cool.

That wraps it up for Favourites #1, and I guess I’ll be seeing you in two months back with another-

(I think Wisp killed me because I called him wips)

Also, if you want to collaborate with me on Math we NEED to know, do this:

  1. Make sure you have a WordPress Account
  2. Go to the Contact page
  3. Send me through the comments, saying why you think you would be a good collaborator
  4. If I find you worthy, I’ll add you as an Author (you can write and publish blogs, but can’t directly edit other things), but the MOMENT you post something disrespectful, inappropriate or if I feel like you’re sus, I will kick you out.

Okay bye

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