In memory of a big influence…


Rest in peace, Michigun, fly high

This was a few days ago, probably a week, but in memory of Michigun, the Geometry Dash player everyone could look up to, I decided, “why not?”

Michigun made a very famous level called “The Triple Trials” and I will be doing an analysis on it.

There are 50 triple spikes (it’s also called michigun, but it pains me to say it), so 150 spikes, then the spikes hanging on blocks:

For the first four sets, there are 11 blocks attached to blocks on the side, which makes 44, then for the last one, there is a group of nine triple spikes, which makes 10 more block spikes, then the last triple spike has the block spike on each end, which makes it an extra 2, so so far, there are 206 spikes.

The spikes on top:

They’re basically a mirror image of the spikes on the bottom, so 150 spikes.

In total…

356 spikes.

Block count:

There are as many blocks floating on the sides of the triple spikes as “block spikes”, so 56 blocks, then three blocks for each triple spike, so 150 blocks again.

Total blocks:

206 blocks.

Next: the torches!

There is one torch for every triple spike in the level, so 50 torches.


Let’s skip those!

It was (I think) five stars, then in memory of Michigun, it was rerated to eight stars. The length is medium, and the song is The Flawless Wings of Yataragatsu by GLS.

People say that the most a GD icon can jump in normal size and 1x speed is three spikes, but in levels like Tartarus and Silent Clubstep, what looks like a semi-squished quadruple spike appears, and at the end of The Triple Trials, I have seen that the last triple spike is a bit wider than the others, by only a couple of pixels, but a difference of a couple pixels is not nothing.

It even says in the official GD wiki that the cube can jump three times its height, but the above levels have proved it false. Is it true that the cube can only jump three spikes? Maybe.

But for now, goodbye, and we will miss you, Michi. Just know that you’re always with us.

-Author /\/\/\

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