The simple enigma

Well, not an enigma. Tantalizer 479. We're back with another "enigma" puzzle! I'll simplify it. Someone let the cat out. Who did it? Out of five suspects, their accusations are: Delia says it was one of the twins, Bert or ClaudAlice says it was BertBert (shame on you) says it was Claud, their twinClaud says … Continue reading The simple enigma

Birb will like this

Remember in the post about the fast and slow growing hierarchies, I talked about Bird's Array Notation, or BAN? Today it's that! I was thinking of doing BEAF or Conway's chained arrow notation, but this felt more reasonable. If this is confusing, go check out this link to make it EVEN MORE confusing. There are … Continue reading Birb will like this

I don’t think you have any idea how fast I am

I'm fast as fΓ0(n) boi What on Earth is fΓ0(n)? Remember the last post, Fast as (insert word here) boi, where I talked about the fast-growing hierarchy? These are just extensions on it. Let's take a step down. Do you remember ω? The ordinal that used the diagonal of the hierarchy table? (I'll be completely … Continue reading I don’t think you have any idea how fast I am