Update again

(Hi! I’m Aeon, and this is a video.)

Good morning, good evening, good afternoon, everyone. Welcome back to the Math we need to know blog, featuring the one and only author on this blog so far: me.

I don’t think I’m supposed to be writing this post right now, but… whatever. If I’m breaking the rules, I’m probably dead if I’m caught. I hope the students next to me aren’t gonna tell on me… right?

I’ve realised that many of my recent posts have been updates on my life rather than the mathematics world. I’ll try and write more interesting math content in the future, and if you have any ideas on what I should write next, feel free to comment it on this post or send it through the contact page here.

High school is going pretty well so far, but I have no idea what’s going to happen in the future for me. For all I know, I could be posting once every five months because my timetable is filled to the brim with subjects, or once a day because I have little to no homework to complete.

I’ve been taking interest in writing books lately. Fanfics, fiction, oneshots… you name it. However, I can’t seem to finish any of them, and the only one I’ve finished so far is one from August 2020 and a oneshot, which I finished in, like, 30 minutes.

(okay maybe that’s a lie I kinda finished it in like 2 hours)

I was supposed to get this out a couple weeks ago, but I had too much schoolwork on my mind and February 29 didn’t exist this year, so I’ll have to delay this double-month’s Favourites post. Sorry again, everyone! I promise, though, I’ll get this post out as fast as possible.

Thank you, everyone.

And, have a good day.

(also wordpress can’t recognize “I’ll” because wordpress is wordpress)

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