The answer to the pi = 4

Okay, the reason why it's wrong? It's in the video, but if you ignore videos, here is the answer. Zoom in on one of the corners of the square with a circle part in it. Oh wait! The circle on the right is not even a circle! So the 'circle' is not even a circle … Continue reading The answer to the pi = 4

Some great math webs/books

Webs: Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin. You ROCK!Mathematrec by Rich Holmes. Pretty cool!Math is FunKhan Academy by Sal Khan. Yes, Sal!Catriona Shearer's Twitter for the amazing geometry puzzles.and more Books: Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin. Can't wait to read it!!!!!So you think you've got problems? by Alex BellosAdam Spencer's books. Damn, … Continue reading Some great math webs/books

Transcendental numbers!

What are those?!?! Well, here's your answer!ME, THE AUTHOR Transcendental numbers are numbers that you can't do anything to it to get an integer. Besides power of 0, divide by itself, blah blah, blah. More formal: In mathematics, a transcendental number is a real number or complex number that is not an algebraic number—that is, not a root (i.e., solution) of a nonzero polynomial … Continue reading Transcendental numbers!