About the author

Hello! For my own reasons, I will not be disclosing my name or age unless you already know. And for that reason, I had to take down a couple posts, including the Welcome post. Yay…

I live in New Zealand with my family, and it’s a pretty happy life. My most favourite things to do are read books, play my violin, write fanfictions, figure out how speedcubers speedcube, and solve enigma puzzles. What I don’t like to do is dance, sing, learn geography/history or yell at people. I especially don’t like forgetting my friends, and I hate it. Whenever I lose any memory of a friend, it’s like having a part of my heart cut out.

Yes, I still use the free plan on WordPress, but it’s because simplicity is the best. Fancy things? Yeah, na. Simple stuff? YEEAA BOI

I don’t really like disclosing information about myself to other people, so I could say I’m an introvert.

Yeah. 😦