Favourites #3

It’s October again. In advance, (un)Happy Halloween!

It’s the 26th, so it’s time for another Favourites!

Song: Ain’t No Crying by Derivakat

Derivakat is just… amazing when it comes to creating music. Her music is a perfect mix of emotional, action-packed, and up-beat music, and I honestly believe that she is the best, if not best. Ain’t No Crying is a song that is based on the Dream SMP, and I don’t know why, but it’s just so good.

Movie “Genre”: Death Game

Look. I know. SQUID GAME. It’s basically the most trending series on Netflix, like, ever. The video on Squid Game by Cinema Summary was the video that got me really interested in the “death game” kind of movie. I started watching more videos, like videos on Alice in Borderland, King’s Game, Werewolf Game: Beast Side and more. They look (for some reason) so fun, and I think I’m going to be excited for the day I watch them.

Music Artist: Derivakat & Creo

For Derivakat, see above.

For Creo, it’s the same deal. Creo’s music is an absolute banger every time, and… yeah.

Movie: Searching

Searching is a really good movie, starring John Cho, Debra Messing and Joseph Lee. I liked it because of its unique style, where everything is seen through digital screens, like cameras, phones and laptops. The story, the idea, the amazing cast, the way everything is shown, it just makes it a hundred times better. Go watch it as soon as you can!

Animal: Parrot

Yes. Parrot. They just look so free.

Youtuber: HellCastle & FurryEBoy

I’ll get one thing straight. About a month ago, HellCastle released a Pastebin/Google Doc on his life and everything he hated about it. I read it, and realized that so much of the world is living in a world that they don’t want to. It’s made me think that people are extremely lucky to have a good life, and that we should all appreciate everything we have. If you want to check out the doc, the link is here.

But on the YouTube side, HellCastle & FurryEBoy is a Hypixel Skyblock youtube channel, and they did content like mythbusting, guides and more. I don’t know what’s happening right now, but I hope everything will be good.

Book: The Fever Code by James Dashner

I don’t think I’ve covered this in any blog post or poster kind yet, so I’ll do it now. The Fever Code, if you haven’t already read, is a story that is set in the past of the bestselling book, “Maze Runner”. It shows everything that happened, from Thomas helping create the maze to having his original name be changed. It’s so good, because it’s James Dashner.

(I know I’m biased but-)

If you haven’t already, go check it out!

Origami: Dragon v3

I’m interested in origami, and I’ve been making loads in the past two months that I’ve been in online learning (online learning sucks). Some examples are a Horse, a Devil Dragon v3, and a Dragon v3. Personally, I think Jo Nakashima is a really talented origamist (is that the word) and his guides are really straightforward and understandable (except maybe the phoenix). I suggest you to go check him out and do some origami!

The personal reason why I love the Dragon v3 is because it’s kind of an extension from the normal dragon. Its tail, head, everything about it looks fire to me.

Blog: JustPuzzles, Enigmatic Code

Just Puzzles is a blog that posts puzzles every two weeks. Literally, the description is “This site is about puzzles, just puzzles!” If you know me (which you probably don’t), I love puzzles. As I’ve already introduced, Enigmatic Code is a blog that re-uploads enigmas, puzzles and tantalisers from New Scientist. They’re really entertaining, and fun to do from time to time.

Quote: “The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason you held on for so long.”

Yes. Again.

It’s a quote that’s really motivating for me. I don’t know about you, but it really feels true to me.

Alright. That brings us to the end. It’s been a great time for me on WordPress. Thank you for all the support, and for my followers, thank you so much. I didn’t expect to get this many followers on a small blog like mine, and for me, 11 is so much. I love you for the support.

I’ll see you with another Favourites post in two months, and it’s me, out.

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