Favourites #2

Two months ago, I promised a second ‘Favourites’ post (kind of) recapping everything that happened during the two months. And here it is!

Also, thank you for all the support you’ve given me, and we reached a hundred blog post with this! Thank you so much!

Song: Colorblind by Panda Eyes/Antipixel by Panda Eyes

These are two very amazing songs, both composed by Panda Eyes. I particularly remember when I was younger, I used to listen to Colorblind and think, “huh, it’s okay.” Now, years later, I love it. I got into Antipixel a couple of days ago, while I was just scrolling through Panda Eyes music and clicking random ones. Panda Eyes is a very talented EDM music creator, and I just want to say, love your music, Panda Eyes!

If I liked one over another, I would have just posted that one instead of both of them, but they’re both SO good that I couldn’t decide.

Music Artist: Creo and Panda Eyes

Another indecisive topic. Creo and Panda Eyes are two amazingly talented music artists, and I love both of them. I especially love Creo for his songs Epilogue, Aurora and Ahead of the Curve. The way they create the music, their style is just … wow.

If these two music artists see this, I love your work!

Blog: Short Wisdom

Once again, it’s Short Wisdom. Although Math Enchants and Math with Bad Drawings come very close, Short Wisdom is very … fulfilling in life. The quotes are very inspiring, and I love the quotes.

Past Blog Post: 3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^…^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^…^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^…^3^3^3^…^3^3^3^3^3^3^3^3…

Ah, yes. Amazing, a lot of threes. 39, to be precise. Graham’s Number uses far, far more than 39 3’s, but it’s what I could do. This is the start to the Googology Series, my favourite category on the blog. I like it because of how I explain Graham’s Number, Knuth’s Up Arrow Notation and things, and I really like the title, for some reason.

POTD season: Testsolvers’ Adventure

On the IMO discord server, there is a POTD (problem of the day) that is released basically every day, and every one or two weeks, there are seasons of POTD problems that are like a series of questions, and at the end of the season, you get medals (or not) depending on how well you did in that season.

I like Testsolvers’ Adventure because the “action” in the season fits so well with the math questions in the problem. It ended with a cliffhanger, where one of the protagonists, AN (AlephNull), disappeared after defeating the antagonist, QS. If you want to find it out for yourself, join the IMO discord server!

Book series: Maze Runner by James Dashner

Okay, let’s get real here.

Do I need to explain? It’s so good!

“Magician”: Shin Lim, Eric Chien, Will Tsai

The reason I put magician in quotation marks is because there is no such thing as magic. There’s things that look like magic, like sleight of hand, but real magic does not exist. These three people

Number: 4


Well, that’s it for now.

I had to do this so fast, so I might have missed out a couple of things, so I’ll try better next time!

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