Dante was elected as mayor in Hypixel Skyblock. The admins warned us, telling us to not vote for him. We all thought, “shut up admins! New update! NEW MAYOR! VOTE FOR THE NEW MAYOR DANTE!!!!!” But the admins were right. We should not have voted for him.

How strong are Dante’s debuffs?

First debuff: More tax!

The auction house and bazaar taxes have been doubled. The NPC buy prices have been raised by 10%. Five coins/minute for talking, two coins for travel. WTF? That means bazaar flipping is 9% less effective. 9% might not seem like a lot, but when it comes to bazaar flipping, it’s lots of money. Kinda.

Second debuff: Official buildings!

“Official buildings”, like AH, Bazaar Alley, THE BANK and more cannot be accessed without either a Happy Mask or a Dante Talisman, which the Happy Mask is the cheaper option as it is only 100 coins, but takes up the helmet slot. Dante Talisman is not only common, it is one million coins. ONE MILLION! Plus, how are the new players supposed to progress now?

Third debuff: Cancelled events!

Oringo, Winter Island and Spooky Festivals have been cancelled. WTF WHY ARE THEY CANCELLED THEY’RE LITERALLY SOME OF THE BEST MONEY-MAKING METHODS!!!!! What’s dangerous about Oringo? Literally all he does is give out pets that buff you, it’s not like they end up killing you.

Extra debuffs: Mayor elections no more!

Dante elections have replaced the normal mayor election. That means that Dante will be around for a long time, unless the Resistance does something about it. I miss doing slayers while Aatrox was mayor, or waiting for that moment when Diana was mayor so that I could finally start doing mythological events. When am I going to be able to do that?

Literally, Dante is so useless, Barry is better than him, and Barry’s never been elected once. Neither has Diaz, and Diaz’s perks are actually 100x better than Dante’s perks. I swear, I want to join the Resistance and be the one to behead him. Period.

Second update: “You’re clicking too fast!”

This one I personally hate. I was doing an experiment, when suddenly, bam! I was kicked out of the experiment menu and in the chat, there was this message: “You’re clicking too fast!” Many people have been annoyed about this, complained in the forums, and Donpireso has said that they are working on a fix, but it’s unclear when the fix is. It’s made people lose so much money, it’s gone into the millions. One guy had very OP loot from experiments then lost it all because of “You’re clicking too fast!” This is all because of autoclickers that use them for some reason, but please disable this during experiments, starring dungeon items, and other clicking-related things.

Why am I writing about this? I dunno… content drought.

Also, the nerfs that Hypixel admins made doesn’t impact me much, but other people must be mad about it. Bye!

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