Well, e.

Last post, I talked about e being used in other stuff. Well, the first example is this!!!

e^ia = cos a +isin a.

What?!?!?!?! That basically means that e to the power of sqrt(-1)*a (an angle expressed in radians/angles (but be sure to include the degree sign!)) equals the cosine of a plus sqrt(-1)*sin a. SEARCH IT UP, IF YOU DARE!!!

This is an important formula used in a lot of stuff. Even Euler used it: e^iπ + 1 = 0

Never mind, what about this? The prime density of the range 1 to x is x/lnx. WHAT?!?! Don’t worry. The prime density is the fraction of the number of primes from 1 to x divided by x. ln(x) is the natural logarithm, or log base e. So lne = 1. The prime density, represented as π(x), is approximately x/ln(x). What!!

Yes, that is a LOT of stuff, but you could just search it up online. But NEVER EVER TRUST WIKIPEDIA. How foolish I was to make an account!

Anyway, the next one o=is about how π is WRONG. See ya!

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