Zero is?

Zero, right? But it's complicated again! Is it prime or composite? I was having a look-around on Math Stack Exchange Is zero a prime number? and it was absolutely confusing. Give it a read! It's not prime, so it should b -- (Screech sound) Wait. Who said it was PRIME? Not me. Let's prove it! … Continue reading Zero is?

How many people can be fed 0 pizzas each?

I mean, it's just stupid, right? 0 pizzas for everyone. But it's actually this question: CAN YOU DIVIDE BY ZERO?!?!?!?! The answer: NO. Answers: Let's say you had a pizza. If you invited only yourself, then you could have all the pizza! If you invited 9 friends, you could have 1/10 of a pizza! If … Continue reading How many people can be fed 0 pizzas each?