Conway’s Soldiers… part 2.

Phi The sigma sum I will prove that the sigma sum is true given the value of phi, which is also the reciprocal of the golden ratio. Remember how Φ^2 = 1 - Φ? The sigma sum states that 1 - Φ + Φ - Φ^2 + Φ^2 - Φ^3 + Φ^3 - Φ^4 + … Continue reading Conway’s Soldiers… part 2.

A neat way to calculate the area of a rectangle

I was sitting down, solving one of Catriona Shearer's geometry puzzles when I found this (by myself): Look, I know it's not the best of drawings, but it's what I did. If we call the long diagonal x, and the line segment perpendicular to the diagonal y, then the area of the triangle = xy/2, … Continue reading A neat way to calculate the area of a rectangle

help me

Guys, I have way too many puzzles for my new book, but not enough facts about math or science. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!! If you have any inspirations please send through Thank you! Top 5 best inspirations will get a shoutout in the new book. Thanks!