Happy birthday, me!

I'll let you guess my age now. This is Enigma 1429 (because my birthday falls on April 29th, so 429.). DIX is a semiprime (prime * prime), CENT is a perfect square, and MILLE is a perfect cube. None of them start with a 0. What are the values of DIX, CENT, and MILLE respectively? … Continue reading Happy birthday, me!


Hello everybody! I am proud to announce that today is TAU DAY! Yay! Because it's tau day, I'll copy and paste 100 digits of tau: 6.2831853071795864769252867665590057683943387987502116419498891846156328125724179972560696506842341359 If you want to see 100000 digits of tau, figure out my puzzle! (fastest Minecraft speedrunner on youtube capitalized)+(fastest Rubik's Cube solver with space and Capitalized name)+(my favourite number) … Continue reading TAU DAY!