Hello everybody!

I am proud to announce that today is TAU DAY! Yay!

Because it’s tau day, I’ll copy and paste 100 digits of tau:


If you want to see 100000 digits of tau, figure out my puzzle!

(fastest Minecraft speedrunner on youtube capitalized)+(fastest Rubik’s Cube solver with space and Capitalized name)+(my favourite number)

good luck!

A secret hint

My first number is the same as the fifth

My last three numbers are an arithmetic progression with +1

My third digit is x, where 1/x is undefined

Subtract me from 0 and I am negative

Only one of my digits is a one

My second number is 9 (big hint)

My first is the square root of my favorite number

My favorite blog is the one with #youcanlearnanything spam

That’s like 5 hints

That’s my password for the next blog with a secret

PS it’s a six digit number LOL

PPS (or PSS?) you don’t need my favorite number