The situation so far.

Alright. I know I haven’t been uploading much over the past couple of months, so I’ll do an update post on everything that’s going on. I’ll cover things from school to holiday studies, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get the fourth Favourites post out, but I promise I’ll release the next one.

School finished ten days ago as of starting to write this post, and I expected everything to be a bit less stressful and more relaxed. Oh boy, what came was what I didn’t expect at all. My schedule became more filled with studies that just stressed me out, especially the essay writing. I have to write three essays per week right now, and I despise all three days, namely Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The only relief for me is Fridays, when I get to relax and play Minecraft for two hours. Even then, it’s only two hours.

My life has been full of stress, and it always will be, as everyone expects me to be academically skilled, happy and focused.

I’m going into high school soon, and I’m not going to have much time to write on this blog. I promise I’m going to write at least once every two months (this sounds very optimistic, doesn’t it?) for the Favourites post, and I’ll try and write the best I can.

I’ve been over-obsessed with taking selfies when I go outside and take walks. Don’t ask why, I just do.

Another reason I haven’t been posting for months is because I’ve been writing fanfictions (it’s a secret topic shhhh), and it’s been taking a long time. I think I’ve been working on one for months and months, and it’s not going too bad, but it’s becoming harder to write.

Alright. That’s it!

Merry (belated) Christmas, and I shall see you soon!


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