This is a day…

Unlike any other.

No, not that it’s 25 hours today. Not 23. In fact, there’s 24 hours today! Who knew…

No, it’s not my birthday, since my birthday was six months ago. Not that I finished writing a book, even though I am writing one. It is, in fact… my brother’s birthday! Happy birthday, my guy!

In fact, he is now… 30! He is thirty now! He’s very old! But it’s cool!

So, he’s 30 today. That means I need to do a post about everything I could related to 30!



30 is:

  • 30 in decimal
  • 11110 in binary
  • 36 in octal
  • 1E in hexadecimal
  • 1A in vigesimal (base 20)
  • XXX in Roman Numerals


30 is:

  • 5 primorial, or 2*3*5
  • double the 5th triangular number
  • the 4th square pyramidal number
  • semiperfect: 5 + 10 + 15 = 30
  • a Harshad number, a number divisible by the sum of its digits


30 is:

  • the atomic number for zinc
  • the minimum age for US senators
  • the pearl wedding anniversary in years of marriage
  • the number of letters in the Bulgarian and Serbian alphabet
  • the duration of the Thirty Years’ War
  • the number of teams in the MLB and NBA

Aside from the numbers, let’s go into my brother himself. Honestly, he’s a really good brother, one of the best you could have. He brought me to a whole new world of things like the Hunger Games series, Starbucks and withstanding humiliation. Even though his personality can be roller-coaster like, he is a good person to learn from. He is friendly most of the time, and even when he is kinda mad, it’s resolved after about 15 minutes.

Anyways, that’s all I can/want to really disclose/say in a public blog. So, happy birthday, brother!

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