Best of 4 years

It’s been four years since I first joined WordPress, the blog platform I use, and I wanted to revisit my blog’s past.

Originally, I used to have a blog for programming, but I a. didn’t write on it and b. didn’t know what to write on it. I was actually doing it in secret, until my parents found out about it, through jetpack. Thanks a lot jetpack. Then they allowed me to do this, and I changed to a math blog.

In May 2019, I created my first post, the Welcome! page. My first math-related post was on hexaflexagons, and it was a four-part post. My most recent post was on the two-sibling problem (I don’t know what it’s called) and why it was 50%. The post I like the most is the one on Abraham De Moivre‘s theorem.

The hardest one to post was the group of post on Conway’s Soldiers (or is it Conway’s Pegs? because people always refer to the soldiers as pegs):

They were really fun to post about and learn about, but so hard, and I had to write down the proof of it on a piece of paper, and my head and hand hurt afterwards. I had to write so many “phi”s on a grid paper, so my hand reaaaaalllyyyy hurt. Maybe, if I could be bothered, I could take a picture of the proof I wrote down and post it. Maybe!

Over the years, my blog has really changed. Before, my style of writing was more towards comedy, but now, it has changed to… well, whatever style I write to now.

Before I finish this blog of, I couldn’t get this out on the exact day of 4 years, so this is celebration of 4 years and 1 day on WordPress. So proud.

To the few people who read my blog posts, I want to say a massive thank you. Those few viewers are what motivate me to keep going with my blog.

Signing off,

the author.

Wait… and all the time YOU were the author?

The one who thought they were the author

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