Wait, what’s gravity?

As a student in about Year 3-6, you will encounter forces, and you will learn that gravity is a force. Right?

Sorry, you are



Imagine the Sun exploded. It takes (as we know) 8 minutes for light/energy to reach the Earth from the sun.

Hey, what a nice letter! Thanks, Mr. President!

That means we won’t know about the explosion for 8 minutes. But Newton’s theory states that we should see and feel it instantly. If you knew, then you will know that nothing, even information, can travel faster than light. BUT a hypothetical particle called Tachyon could go faster. But getting back on track:

Einstein, you changed the way children should learn. Gudonya! And the giveaway clue that gravity is not a force but the curvature of spacetime:

See? The circle thing is the space-time, and the curve is the curve-ature (literally curvature) of it.


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