Okay, WHAT?!?!

So, um, this is going to be ALL ABOUT FOREIGN LANGUAGES.

Vaay Bu eğlenceli olacak!
(Turkish for Whoo! This will be fun!)

No, this page ain’t going to be in a foreign language. But you can translate it.

This is about math stuff that uses other languages. Many are Greek, so watch out!

  • Delta (Δ), represents ‘the change in’
  • Zeta (ζ), which is the symbol for the Zeta Function
  • Theta (θ), represents angle
  • Pi (π, and NOT 🥧), which is the TOTALLY important circle constant
  • Sigma (Σ), the function used to add up terms
  • Tau (τ), the MORE IMPORTANT circle constant
  • Phi (φ), the Golden Ratio
  • Psi (ψ), the symbol for a wave function
  • Omega (ω), the first uncountable infinity
  • ∂, a partial derivative thingy
  • ∃, there exists
  • ∀, for all

I forgot to mention Hebrew letters. Here they are:

  • ℵ, symbol for infinite cardinality
  • ℶ, another symbol for infinite cardinality


Well, that’s it.. May your life be full of onnellisuus (happiness in Finnish).

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