Topology = potatoes

Say WHAT?!?!

You probably were freaked out by that. There hasn’t been a post on topology and I want to do one. So … here comes nothing.

To explain the topology and potatoes, we have to use topology, but before that, what even is topology?

Topology is an area of mathematics where a pencil is basically the same thing as a book. That is, you can bend and stretch and enlarge and shrink stuff, but NEVER, EVER,


cut or glue stuff. So a cup with a handle is not equivalent to a water bottle. YES, EVEN WITH THE CAP OFF. Let me explain.

This is a cap-less water bottle.

Image result for plastic water bottle without lid
Well, not a WATER BOTTLE, but it will do for now.


Make the hole 5 times as big as it is now, reach in, and grab the bottom. Then PULL YOUR HAND OUT OF THE BOTTLE! And you are left with a cylinder. MAGIC!!!!!

The best-known topology example is the doughnut and the coffee cup. GIF:

Image result for doughnut and coffee cup topology
Coffee cup and the doughnut


The Part 2 will show up next with explanations of the topological potato equation. BYE!

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