Boroumeen Rings? Trafoel Not? Jouns Pollynoumeal?


Okay, what did I do? Borromean rings are three rings all together in a knot, but not any knot: If you remove one, the other two are unstuck.

You can make one anytime. Take 3 rings of the same size, and cut one up into a strip of paper. You will need tape. Put the other two together so that one is inside the other. Now take the strip, and make it into a ring, but it must go inside the inside ring, and outside the outside ring.

It might be trickier to draw them, and there are millions of mistakes, like this one:

I assure you, NOT Borromean Rings.

Next up is the Trefoil Knot. Do knot confuse knot with not, or it will be: Trefoil NOT

How to make it? Take a piece of string, make a knot, and join the ends with tape or a glue gun or whatever. Presto! Yer knot is here.

Drawing is EASY.

Jouns Pollynoumeal? Jones Polynomial! What are they? Well, Jones polynomials are NOT normal polynomials, but this is an example of a Jones polynomial:

Score: Unknot 0, Trefoil knot 31

Different Jones Polynomials are given to knots with different numbers of crossings. No, I CAN’T ALWAYS EXPLAIN EVERYTHING! GO SEARCH IT UP!

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