Dear Archimedes,

I wish you DIDN’T EXIST!!! Well, that’s an overreaction, but please, how did you discover π? π is WRONG!!!!! Here’s proof. Listen CAREFULLY…

π is defined as the circumference of a circle divided by the diameter. I mean, WHO DRAWS A CIRCLE WITHOUT A RADIUS?!?!?!?! Obviously you use a diameter. Wow. But how?

Also, π radians is HALF A CIRCLE!!!!! 2π radians is a full circle, but it’s real frustrating to type or write that EVERY TIME!!!!!!!! Why couldn’t you have invented a number that equalled 2π?!?!

Luckily, I’ve got a few people to help me out. There is Vi Hart, Michael Hartl, Bob Palais, and a few other people. I will just replace π with τ. τ is 2π, and much easier to use in a lot of things. A LOT!

τ is the real circle constant, and is a whole circle. That’s a whole pie! τ is approximately 6.28, which is why Tau day is June 28. Not Pi day. TAU DAY!!! By the way, if you’re reading this on March 14, go have HALF A PIE.


Gwang Ho KIM

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