I mean, where is this beautiful number even USED?!?!

Good question.

Good question.

The author

Yes, yes, thank you. Now, if you can remember ANYTHING from the post “Nothing beats the beauty of this!”, then you will know that φ is used in a lot of places and artwork. φ might be a drastic little number, but φ is very useful. For example, the Parthenon, which the top has crumbled a bit, if the top didn’t crumble, the rectangle of base equal to the base and height equal to the perpendicular height from the crumbled corner to the bottom, it’s coincidentally a Golden Rectangle.

Mona Lisa, the famous painting painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, has the Golden Ratio (aka φ) hidden inside the painting. It is believed that Da Vinci used the Golden Ratio to incorporate balance, harmony and beauty. What?

Flowers also use φ to decide how their petals grow. Also, shells like the Nautilus shell are based off φ.

Yes, φ is used everywhere. Can the human body POSSIBLY use φ???

This will be the final post about φ. I think I’ll write about e now. Not now, but NEXT TIME.

Next time! Next time! Don’t forget!

The White Witch, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

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