How to create the awesome hexagon to entertain you Part 3

We have seen Richard Feynman and John Tukey. They are 2 of the other people who collaborated with old Arthur and Bryant. No, the Feynman diagram doesn’t relate to hexaflexagons. Thank you Martin Gardner for the awesome Scientific American article. And double thank you for the awesome book Mathematical Games. It needs to be read.

You see, hexaflexagons are not toys. They are Dangerous objects that might one day create a portal to the 4th dimension. Always remember to keep it out of others’ reach unless they ask politely or you want to.

Please, please, please can I have a look at it?!?!

Polite Peter, wanting to look at a hexaflexagon

Now, for the safety guide, refer to the video below.

Uh oh …

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