Mistakes in my previous posts

So, so, so.

So what?

Harry Potter, The Goblet of Fire

As you know, nobody, especially people who don’t know how to write the perfect post, is perfect. There have been some mistakes in my previous mistakes and, well, only in the Welcome! post.

Mistakes: No, this probably won’t save you from getting eaten by man-eating sharks or getting out of the sea. You’ll probably DIE.

Moar mistakes: the part about only the Welcome! post having mistakes, and then, we have MOAR AND MOAR MISTAKES …

Moar Moar mistakes: in the hexagons thing post, hexagons are NOT boring! Hexagons are awesome, with the design used by bees. How dare you Mr. Author!

How dare I? How dare you call me Mr. Author!!!!! I don’t want you to call me that!!! You understand?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

The author

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