How to create the awesome hexagon to entertain you Part 1

Hexagons. They are 6-sided, hexagonal, and boring. HALT!

HALT! Who are you?

The Twelfth Doctor

Well, I am the author of this post. Anyway, the hexagon’s boringness depends on what kind of hexagon it is. If it is a normal paper hexagon, the hexagon is at the top, 10. For silk or sewing materials, that’s a 8 to 9. For wood or plastic, 7. Duct tape, 6. Metal, 5. Pocket-sized brick, 3. A whole house looking like a hexagon, 1. “Hexaflexagons”, -123456787. Yes, hexaflexagons are awesome.

Hexaflexagons are mysterious hexagons that can change its look. There are loads of hexaflexagons, and, me, the author, has created loads.

I’ve created LOADS of hexaflexagons.

The author

Yes, thank you very much, Mr Author. Watch this video! It’s about how Arthur H. Stone created the hexaflexagons.

Now, this video is created by Vi Hart, and the writing and stuff go fast!

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